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Tropical Leaves

Our Plant Material page displays the types of plants we try to have available. Specific plant varieties may not be in stock because of international COVID restrictions, growing seasons, suppliers that have closed, etc. 

If you are looking for something specific, please call our Nursery sales staff at 808-241-5165 to confirm current availability


Serving in Hawaii’s nursery and landscape industry for over 45 years assures our in-depth knowledge of the culture and growth of tropical and native plant material on Kauai. KNL offers thousands of varieties of plant material from common tropical plants to rare exotic plants, including native Hawaiian plants, flowering bedding plants, orchids, fruit trees, ferns, palms, succulents, fragrant plants, aquatic plants, anthuriums, hedges, flowering trees, ground covers, sod and seed, veggies and herbs, bamboo, and more.

Ohia flower in the tropical paradise of

Native Hawaiian Plants

Vinca major, with the common names bigle

Flowering Bedding Plants

Image by Yeimy Olivier


Fruit Trees


Image by Levi Hernández




Fragrant Plants

Aquatic Plants


Image by Liza Springer


Image by Ariana Kaminski

Flowering Trees

Closeup of Red Flame Ivy (Hemigraphis Al

Ground Cover

Sod and Seed

Veggie and Herb


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