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Kauai Nursery & Landscaping (KNL) prides itself in being your one-stop shop for nursery and landscaping needs for over 40 years. We provide services ranging from irrigation audits through tree risk assessment to lawn care and ongoing maintenance for your landscape. Whether you need one time delivery of plants or bulk materials, regular lot clearing and green waste recycling or someone to care for your commercial property, KNL provides quality service you desire and deserve at a price you can afford. Please read through our service descriptions below then fill out our service request form and we will contact you.

  • The key to a beautiful landscape is maintenance. There is a gardening philosophy in Japan that says a garden is only as good as the one who takes care of it. Let Kauai Nursery & Landscaping provide detailed full-service care for your garden/landscaping.

    • ​Residential / Commercial / Resort maintenance

      • We can develop a custom package with monthly billing that includes:

        • Regular lawn and plant care

        • Mowing/trimming

        • Fertilizer/soil amendments quarterly

        • Insect/Pest control as needed

      • We can provide annual, quarterly, or on-call maintenance on a time and material basis.

      • We also can provide a one-time general cleanup to get your property back under control.​​

Clearing / Grubbing
  • Clearing is defined as removing and disposing of all unwanted surface material, such as trees, brush, grass, weeds, downed trees, and other material. Grubbing is defined as removing and disposing of all unwanted vegetative matter from underground, such as stumps, roots, buried logs, and other debris. Grubbing may require a permit, check County of Kauai, Public Works, Engineering for details and application. Whether your needs are for a residential lot or a brand new subdivision, KNL can get your property ready for landscape and development.

  • There are many tree trimmers on our island and most do excellent work. KNL employs certified Arborists and Tree Risk Assessment providers that work closely with tree trimmers. The value of the certified arborist lies in the level of knowledge on how the tree’s life system works and what is best for the health of the tree; some people think of arborists as tree surgeons and trimmers as general practitioners. KNL’s arborists can inspect your trees branches for hazards or decay, recommend treatment while they heal, or the best way to remove damage to save your tree.

    • General Consultation: $75 per hour plus travel time.

    • Tree Risk Assessment: $100 per tree plus travel time.

    • Tree Trimming – KNL works with licensed, insured tree trimmers to provide for your trimming needs.

    • Tree Relocation - Large tree relocations and removals involve a site visit to determine heavy equipment needs

  • KNL employs highly skilled irrigation specialists to evaluate, repair, or install your system.

    • Irrigation system audit / water conservation audit - update your irrigation system to improve water efficiency.

    • Troubleshoot your irrigation system – locate an underground leak or determine why a sprinkler head is not functioning properly.

    • Locate and troubleshoot control wire and system controller.

    • Troubleshoot two wire system

    • Consultation and estimating $75 per hour plus travel time.

Green Waste Recycling
  • Green waste collected through the County's green waste recycling program is shredded into a mulch product that can be used as a ground cover or as a carbon base for composting. Kauai Nursery & Landscaping is a permitted green waste composting facility and accepts Green Waste from commercial haulers, contractors, businesses, and general public for a reasonable fee.

    • Proper Preparation: Only source separated Green Waste is accepted, all other non-plant materials, not listed as acceptable material, is contamination. To prevent contamination, Green Waste must be separated from all other types of waste material prior to delivery. Larger plant material (i.e. logs and stumps 8 inches or more in diameter) should be cut to lengths of 8 feet or less. When delivering Green Waste be sure to remove all ropes, canvas, film, plastic (bags), and tie-downs used to secure Green Waste.

What Qualifies for Green Waste Recycling?

Acceptable materials:

  • Lawn Trimmings

  • Yard Waste

  • Tree Trimmings (stumps, branches, leaves)

  • Shrubbery

  • Christmas Trees (unflocked, free of charge in January)

  • Large Logs

Not Acceptable materials:

  • Treated/painted Lumber

  • Rocks

  • Concrete

  • Metal

  • Plastic

  • Rubber, including tires

  • Other non-organic material

  • Delivery of Bulk materials and plants: KNL can provide delivery if you don’t have a truck but need plants or bulk materials. Our dump trucks can deliver up to 25 cubic yards per load of any bulk material. Delivery charges are located below.















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