Magnified Grass
Magnified Grass


Kauai Nursery & Landscaping (KNL) is a full-service nursery and licensed (#ABC-10825) landscape company offering ornamental and edible plants and trees; soil, compost, and mulch; pots and planters; statuary and fountains; garden accessories; crushed rock and other aggregate; and stepping stones, bricks, and pebbles. Contracting services include landscape and hardscape design for professional installation or do it yourself; irrigation services; landscape maintenance; and clearing and hauling. KNL also offers Department of Agriculture certified plants for shipment to the mainland and inter-island. KNL is Kauai’s largest retail and wholesale nursery offering over 80,000 square feet of retail space and employing over 100 specialized staff, including Landscape Architects, Designers, Installation and Maintenance Crews, Irrigation Specialists, Arborists, Pesticide Specialists, Nursery Sales Associates, Propagation Specialists, Mechanics, Office Staff, and Nursery Managers.

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KNL, founded by owner Lelan Nishek, has served Kauai for over 45 years growing from a small nursery to operating on approximately 150 acres. KNL has been on the forefront of providing plants and services for the rapid development of the Hawaiian Islands and rebuilding efforts on Kauai after hurricane Iniki. KNL invests in educating the people of Kauai through public workshops and participating in local and national landscape organizations to be on the cutting edge of landscape and care programs, including the Kauai Invasive Species Committee’s aim to reduce invasive plant species on Kauai.

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The KNL Mission Statement:

To completely satisfy our clients by finding cost effective and
sustainable solutions for all their nursery, landscape, and maintenance needs.


The KNL Philosophy is rooted in making every effort to reinvest in our local community by growing products using local resources; employing a local workforce; spending our financial resources at local businesses; donating time and finances to local charities; and adopting and creating new technologies that benefit our local community and environment.  

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KNL’s mission and philosophy outline specific goals that shape and inform our company culture, namely to ensure the well-being of our employees; maintain our presence as a locally owned, managed, and employed business; encourage local resource conservation and recycling; encourage diversified agriculture; improve effectiveness of our natural resource conservation;
and to consistently investigate new opportunities for local business and community growth.