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Kauai Nursery & Landscaping (KNL) offers the largest source of plants and landscape materials on Kauai with 80,000 square feet of retail space and over 150 acres of field stock and propagation. KNL offers wholesale, retail, and certified plant material for sale with a wide variety of plants available for shipment within the Hawaiian Islands and the mainland. Wholesale clients can request contract growing for large- scale projects, such as resorts, golf courses, condominiums, and retail shopping. A majority of our plants are propagated at the nursery by specialists utilizing techniques such as seed germination, cuttings, air layering, and grafting.


KNL offers Certified Plants through a program governed by the State of Hawaii and the USDA, who inspect a designated part of our nursery to ensure guidelines are followed for soil maintenance, propagation and growing practices, and packaging process for exotic and tropical plants for export to the mainland. Certified plants may be hand carried on an aircraft or shipped to the mainland. KNL offers a selection of orchids, anthuriums, gingers, plumerias, bromeliads, tropical shrubs, flowering trees, and exotic fruits. Please visit our Certified Ship page for purchase and shipping information.

Image by Sanni Sahil

Serving in Hawaii’s nursery and landscape industry for over 45 years assures our in-depth knowledge of the culture and growth of tropical and native plant material on Kauai. KNL offers thousands of varieties of plant material from common tropical plants to rare exotic plants, including native Hawaiian plants, flowering bedding plants, orchids, fruit trees, ferns, palms, succulents, fragrant plants, aquatic plants, hedges, flowering trees, ground covers, sod and seed, veggies and herbs, bamboo, and more.


Hardscape Material

KNL also carries a selection of landscape and hardscape materials such as stepping-stones; stone benches; statuary; concrete splash blocks; bagged decorative beach pebbles and river rock; imported pottery; ground cloth; irrigation materials; lawn edging; bagged soil amendments; and fertilizers.

Image by John Salzarulo

KNL offers bulk landscape material by the cubic yard from our green waste facility including topsoil, screened compost, 50/50 (topsoil and compost), fill dirt, and tree mulch. KNL also offers bulk aggregate by the cubic yard including river rock, moss rock, cinder, gravel, coral chips, and rock dust.

Garden Soil
Green Plants

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