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Sumisansui R-Wide

Mild mist-like spray is soft on plants, doesn't harden soil surface and allows for more effective soil penetration. 

Covers broad area. 10m wide x 100 m long. 

Water pressure up to 29 psi.

Can be connected to 25mm PVC pipe or 40mm female thread connector.

Polyethylene provides good durability

Connecting R-Wide to water source

R-Wide Start Connector R.png

Start Connecter for R-Wide

Tube Connector R.jpg

Tube Connecter for R-Wide

Connecting multiple R-Wide tubes

Installing Screw Stopper in R-Wide tubes

Screw Stopper R.jpg

Screw Stopper for R-Wide

R-Wide Tube Stopper R.png

Tube Stopper for R-Wide

These winders are designed to expel remaining water as the tubing is being wound up extending the life. Winders make storage easy and convenient.

R-Wide Winder II-B for R.png

R-Wide Winder II-B

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