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Sumisansui Rain

Mild mist-like spray is soft on plants, doesn't harden soil surface and allows for more effective soil penetration. 

Covers large area. 52m wide x 100 m long, can be extended to 200m. 

Water pressure up to 37 psi.

Can be connected to 25mm PVC pipe or 40mm female thread connector.

Connecting Rain to water source

Start Connector.jpg

Start Connecter for Rain

Rain40 How to connect 2 tubes.png

Tube Connecter for Rain

Connecting Rain tubes

Rain40 Stopper.png

Tube Stopper for Rain

Wheeled Winders make moving and storage easy and convenient. They are designed to squeeze out remaining water as the tubing is being wound in to extend the life.

Rain40 Winder I-C.png

Rain Winder I-C

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