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Once your landscape design is complete, our installation crews work hand-in-hand with the designers to ensure your vision is brought to life. Our years of installation experience combined with the proper equipment and trained operators, technicians, and installers to get the job done right.  We bring our expertise and full attention to all projects, regardless of size or budget.

The Installation Process

Every project is different, but there is a general process that a typical landscaping installation will follow:


  • Site preparation (may include)

    • ​Site clearing/grubbing

    • Site grading/drainage

    • Fine grading/Soil prep/tilling/amendmentsIrrigation and lighting

  • Irrigation and lighting

  • Hardscape installation

  • Plant installation

    • Larger plant materials: trees and palms

    • Smaller plant materials: shrubs and groundcover

    • Grass

  • Finalize

    • Fine-tune irrigation coverage

    • Walkthrough with client

    • Clean up

  • Maintenance

    • We recommend a 90-day plant establishment maintenance period after installation is complete, which will give your landscape a healthy start. KNL provides a 90-day warranty on plants installed by our staff when this 90-day maintenance period is included in your contract.

  • Final evaluation with client

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