Consultation Services

The first step in developing any landscape design is a consultation between the property owner and the
designer. Kauai Nursery & Landscaping, Inc. offers the following consultation choices.

Design Consultation

KNL will develop a complete design package for your property. We’ll come to your property, or you may visit our office for an initial discussion about your project.


  • Reasons you might need a design:

    • Landscape plan for your HOA or Design Review Committee

    • Irrigation plan

    • Drainage improvement plan

    • Agriculture plan for tax exemption

    • Grading plan for a grading permit

    • Landscape lighting design plan

    • Hardscape plan

  • Items you need to provide:

    • Survey plot or site plan of your property

    • A basic plan or sketch of your ideas

    • A list of questions

    • Your budget and desired time line

    • Digital photos if your initial consultation is in our office

  • What we provide you:

    • Based on your needs we prepare a custom design proposal:

      • Time and material proposal - You will be billed for actual time and materials used, plus travel time.

      • Lump sum proposal - we develop a set cost for the time and materials needed to complete your project.

    • Professionally drawn landscape design plan

    • Materials list

  • Design consultation process:

  1. Initial project meeting at your property or our Puhi office

  2. Prepare and submit a design proposal for client approval

  3. Client returns signed proposal and 25% down payment

  4. Site inventory and analysis (gather information, take measurements, etc.)

  5. Preliminary Landscape Design developed and presented to client for input

  6. Revisions requested by client incorporated to design

  7. Completed plan presented

  • Landscape plan development is based on $85 per hour plus travel time.

  • Please visit our Design contact page, review the project considerations. Then complete and submit the contact form. A member of our design team will contact you to set an appointment for your Design Consultation.

DIY Consultation

If you want to do the work yourself but would like professional recommendations for your property:


  • We’ll come to you, talk about your ideas and concerns, walk through your property, and provide verbal recommendations.

  • What is NOT included with a DIY consultation (may be negotiated for additional cost):

    • Printed or electronic landscape design plan

    • Printed or electronic list of materials

    • Printed or electronic cost estimate

  • How should you be prepared for your DIY consultation?

    • Have a basic plan or sketch of your ideas

    • Have a list of questions

    • Have any preliminary measurements or site information that is relevant for your situation

  • Consultation cost is $85 per hour plus travel time. Typically, an on site meeting and walkthrough will last 90 minutes.

  • To schedule your DIY Consultation, please visit our Design contact page, review the project considerations, then complete and submit the contact form. A member of our design team will contact you to set an appointment.

  • Do you already have a landscape plan prepared? We can develop an estimate for installation of your project.

  • Need us to prepare an estimate for you? Please visit our Design contact page, complete, and submit the contact form. A member of our design team will contact you to set an appointment.

Competitive Bid/RFP
  • If your agency/company utilizes a competitive bidding or RFP process, please contact our design team at with your bid invitations. Kauai Nursery & Landscaping, Inc. is a veteran owned company that is registered with SAM and approved as a vendor with both County of Kauai and State of Hawaii.

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