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Succulent Echeveria


Zone 9-11

Filtered sun most of the day or 1 to 2 hours of direct sun each day. 

During the warmer months water thoroughly then let the soil go dry between waterings. Succulents  store water in their stems and leaves and can tolerate periods of dryness without harm.  During the cooler months, water less frequently and less deeply.

Look for fertilizer one with a low nitrogen reading like African Violet or flowering houseplant  fertilizer. Use only half the recommended dosage at the beginning of the growing season, usually spring.  


KNL ships certified plants via FedEx 2-day Air and charges a $25 Flat Rate. A handling fee of $3 per plant is included in the price of the plant. FedEx Priority Overnight is an additional $10 charge (Available for West Coast Only) and Saturday Delivery is an additional $10 charge. Alaskan residents incur an additional $15 charge. If the temperature could be below 55 degrees during time of delivery, KNL strongly recommends customers have their plants held at their nearest FedEx distribution center. Winter weather conditions, global pandemic, natural disasters and holiday seasonal rushes can affect shipping times beyond our control. By purchasing this item, you are accepting these risks, however, we will do our best to accommodate and resolve any issues.


Certified Plants are prepared and packaged to ensure they arrive safely. Plants do not include white pottery shown in photos. Be aware that there is a chance shipping can cause stress to the plant resulting in, but not limited to, bruising, yellowing of leaves or dropped leaves, etc. Your plant should recover with love and care. All sales are final as we cannot accept returns due to Department of Agriculture rules, but we will do our best to work with you. Items damaged by FedEx will be dealt with thru FedEx, your plants are insured. Inspect the box upon receipt. Please contact us if there are any issues with your plant(s) within 48 hours of receipt. Please include photos.

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